House party is a party concept created by West Entertainment Records where people come together to party like they are in their house. This is the reason we named the event "House Party". A place to party with a feeling of home. Where you can be comfortable and have a great time with strangers or with your friends. The music idea for "House Party" is mainly Hip-HOP, R&B this is because we want our guests to dance their feet off. So be sure to expect music you can actually dance to. 

Our preferred guests are between the ages of 18 years old and 45 years old but of course everyone from 16 years old with a valid entry ticket is welcome into "House Party". 

We ask guests to dress to impress and be respectful to one another, have a hell of fun and return home safely. We look forward to welcoming you with style and elegance into "House Party". Party with us and have a hell of fun and build yourself memories to remember. God bless

Due to coronavirus and the government of Belgium laws regarding coronavirus we are not able to go ahead with our plans for our House Party event concert.

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